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Thread: U Visa filed on 2015!

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    My case from April 2015 and received rfe in March 2019, rfe sent in April but no answer yet. I read in google that they typically respond to rfe in 60 days, but I don’t know if it takes more then that.

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    Got DA

    Quote Originally Posted by kp308 View Post
    Anyone please share your stats if you filed for Uvisa in 2015.
    I applied for Uvisa on October 2015 and still haven't received deferred action but I have a few friends who applied early 2015 and have received deferred action.
    My file date is Feb 2015.
    Got approval but in waiting as the quota was over in september 2018.
    Got temporary work permit of 2yrs on October 2018.
    Now waiting for actual U-Visa.

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    Applied: November 11th 2015 at VSC Vermont Service Center with I-918, receipt I-797 received.
    Biometrics, Fingerprints: February 2016
    Applied for Work Permit I-765 ( C14) September 2016, I-797 receipt received.
    January 10, 2019: "Name updated" for Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.
    DA: Not received yet
    As of today August 14th 2019, VSC is processing cases: May 14th 2015.
    Weird thing is that last month was about May 27th 2015 and suddenly bounced back May 1st 2015 ( I don't know if it is system generated of some employee does it... It just doesn't sound right it goes back...

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    Hello everyone...
    It happened again... As yesterday August 22 2019, Vermont and Nebraska Service centers were processing cases as May 22nd 2015.
    Today, August 23rd it bounced back as April 22nd 2015. How is it possible?!?!?!?
    This happened many times!!! I'm sick relying on these USCIS website updates!!! Not reliable at all!!
    Anyone opinions about it?

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    I am from April 5 still didn’t get nothing did anybody else even got a DA ? With same time line?

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    Hello everyone, just a technical question:
    once received the DA (deferred action) and work permit and SSN, can an applicant apply for a travel permit (or Advanced Parole?? ) while he/she is still waiting for the U Visa approval?
    Or, is he/she obligated to stay in the country until receiving the U Visa approval?

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    Hi I m from 2015 July 27th.
    I got letter from uscis August 15th 2019 for deffered action..but I still didnt get my EAD CARD
    how long ll it take to get the EAD.
    and can I have driver licence with EAD card
    Thank you

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    I applied for my friend on April 6th 2015 and on October 2018 she recieved a RFE we sent everything in by December 16th 2018 and on February 2019 she received a letter for Deffered Action stating that she was eligible for U Visa earlier that month of February we sent the application for Deffered Action C14 and in June they sent a more RFE just wanted the update of her Passport so we sent that in and on September 9th 2019 she got an email stating that they were ordering her new card and Today September 12 it showed that as of yesterday 9/11/19 they mailed her Work Authorization card the the address that she had put.

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    Hi, did you hear back anything, I applied August 2015 and still nothing, lost leg above knee due to the crime and my no update since I filed.

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