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Thread: J1 studen did not close my bank account when left. Any issue?

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    J1 studen did not close my bank account when left. Any issue?

    Hello everyone. I'm Italian and I took part to a J1 student program. It was an incredible adventure there and I had the chance to travel the US and visit Canada as well. I have a question: when I first got the US, I opened a bank account with Bank of America in Orleans, MA - where I had my J1 experience. I've been in order with all the documents and stuff, visa, reporting my status to InterExchange, paying taxes and fees. Then, when my program ended, I decided to visit NYC before to come back to Europe. The thing is that I forgot to close my bank account when I left the USA. Now I know I should have close it but I totally forgot to do it.

    I would love to visit the USA again in the future as tourist and my question is: there would be any issue with the fact I didn't close my bank account there when I was in the US with my J1 visa? My concern is that I could be stopped at the border and not allowed to enter the country again or that I will have to pay something if I will ever visit the US again. The Bank in Orleans, MA knows that I was a J1 student so maybe they closed my account by themselves when they noticed I was not using my account. I have never received any letter or email from the bank about that so I don't think there could be any problem, but I'm a bit concerned anyways since I don't want to have troubles and maybe ruin a future holiday there. Thank you so much in advance.

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    It's definitely not gonna be problem for you. Nobody will ask you about that.

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    a.moli, you should check your account online. What kind of account it was? usually they charge monthly fee if yo do not maintain a certain amount in that bank. Since you were student and you should have had a different account, check if it is in negative balance , if negative call the customer service for closing that account and they will waive whatever is negative balance, so you are good.

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