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Thread: U visa new USCIS policy

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    U visa new USCIS policy


    * I hope each and every one of you would be aware of the the New USCIS policy about initiating deportation(Notice to Appear) on denial of any immigration request(including all humanitarian visa) and thus if immigrant hold to lack any immigration status at that time.

    * Already, another policy was also implemented this year regarding denying an immigration request due to incomplete (wrong/missing) information would result in issuing NTA if the immigrant lacks status during that time.

    * Attorney general has also narrowed in defending deportation for a U visa appicant is no longer available for administrative closure. U visa applicant can wait outside the country untill the visa became available for them. Incase, if u stay outside the country, same USCIS will the put you in the question on pending U visa application regarding Whether there was co-operation with lawful enforcement being stayed outside the country? If so, How come?

    * Existing U visa process has huge backlog that takes more than 5 to 6 years to get a deferred action. I don't understand here that how come any human can survive without any work permit/Driving license for more than 5 years? It's purely inhuman.

    * I don't see any favorable political environment to look after this messed up immigration law.

    But Democrats took the house in mid term election.

    Let's hopefully think good and positive.
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