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Thread: What to prove for a L1 Visa ?

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    What to prove for a L1 Visa ?


    I have my own company and I'm planning to create a subsidiary in the US. I currently work alone but I have found someone to deal with the HQ while I'll be in the USA.
    1. I would like to know what I have to prove to get a L1 Visa and which documents are required ? I don't find real solid information on that.
    2. If I don't have any employee yet will it become much harder to get a Visa?
    3. I read the cost was around 5'000USD, is that correct ?
    4. Is there a minimum of Sales Revenues in my home country to reach to get the Visa? If not reached, will it be refused?
    5. I sometimes read things like I need to spend 100'000USD in the US prior to ask for a L1, the subsidiary need to be created before before I apply for the L1 ... and I other times I read that not so I don't know what is right and what is wrong...
    6. If a L1 is refused, will I have more chances to get a Visa E for entrepreneurs ?

    Thanks for replying, I really need help ^^
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