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Thread: July 1st 2015?

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    Sory about your situation Hussein be strong god is great u never now whats gonna happen tomorrow i hope ur mom is gonna be okay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hussain_ex View Post
    Well if u wanna talk then letís talk and u will decide who has worst situation. My mom has cancer and she only has few more month left. I canít go back to see her. I can get papers but mom??? U only thinks ur situation is worst but honestly ask urself and then realize if my situation is worst or not. Iím not here to win someoneís sympathy. Just saying stop complaining coz god is great. And he has better plan for all of us. I wish u luck and wish u get ur papers sooner than anyone coz ur situation is way worst than u think it is.
    Am so sorry for what you are going through. I will keep you in prayer. I know the feeling, I have been in your shoes. May God be your guide.

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    Thanks a lot Legend and Babu. This means a lot. Really appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vish View Post
    you have an option of going back to your own country and wait there till you get final U visa. USICS is no forcing you to stay here while you await for your turn. Infact let me give you a harsh news. even if USICS puts you in deffer ed action ( wait List) you are still deportable ( if you are without status) USCIS will ask you to wait in your own country. U visa is a privilege NOT your Right.
    Getting Frustrated in not going to help you. we all waited to get our final U visa and thousands more are waiting peacefully. One advise. why dont you show this aggression to USCIS and let's see what they say.. may be they will put your ass in next plane to your country.
    Im not sure what your reason for trolling this post is,I am certain you did not identify by anything i wrote that i was reffering to something someone on here said about me personally,its just annoying to watch people like yourself make these very nasty statements on people's comments not knowing their situation nor how they are coping in there everyday life.How is it that myself and others can sympathize with others who i see on here frustrated and offer words of encouragement,but you and others can be callous towards them.Fyi not everyone would have been safe going back to their own country.And you can wait in peace all you want but dont bash another person because they dont handle the wait with grace,honor and pride like you and your buddies.Because any fate you think i have your next to me in line.Based on some of your heartless responses its obvious some of you didnt really suffer any abuse,you would have learned to be more thoughtful and understanding.
    And some of you may just be apart of those fake application holding us up.You just want to be seen.
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    All friends, this site is for consolation and sharing the news on everyday basis, especially, what is going on with U visa process, we should avoid harsh comments and hurling allegations on one another which leads to some personal anguish. Sometimes what happens that we do not understand the written decorum of a person what he/she implies, so please be patient and render love and sympathy to one another. Everyone has issues one way or the other ( being away from home country or some family member is suffering)are common place . Please forget and forgive and carry on the relative news and useful information.
    Thanks to all group members. I am a well wisher of all those who are included/not included in this forum.
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    Notice July 1st 2015
    Biometrics August 2015
    No Transfer

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    We are attempting to have all 2015 applicants post on a common thread for our collective benefit. Please post your updates here:

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    Hi, any news for 2015? I filed August 2015, bio September 2015 nothing since then. Any updates will be helpful. Thank you.

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    Mahesh, you should ask your lawyer to send it. If you are in the US, itís not necessary. You will get an update shortly so be patient.

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    What is your status now? What happened after you were U-approved?

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