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Thread: Processing time for green card based on U Visa Approvals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
    Filed on: Feb 2015

    Biometrics: March 2015 (VSC)
    Again Biometrics: May 2019 (NSC)

    Still waiting...
    Did you apply for your greencard on 2/15 based on your UVISA and you are still waiting for the approval?

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    Does anyone know if you can apply for GC once you get approved for Uvisa through marriage to US citizen? Thanks!

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    Yes, you can have simultaneous files. If you have an EDA via U-Visa and now married to a US Citizen, you should start your GC paperwork right away so that in case there are any issues, you still have the ability to file for AOS after 3 years of your U-Visa period.

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