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Thread: U visa Application date may 29,2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey Patel View Post
    Dhaval . We still r waiting For DA applied on 2014 4 november
    Hey Honey patel!
    I understand your situation,i m browsing thread and checking this blog everyday
    Based on this forum they start giving DA to july 2014 ,for more information you can check on blog “U VISA STATUS” everyone post their news..
    Keep patience you will hear news sometime soon we all in same boat. Hanging there and keep our hopes alive!!!

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    i dint understand how they reply the cases sometimes feel they take the file randomly ..If they dont issue more than 10000 approval. how they gomma evaluate the pending case from 2013 onwards

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    My dates are: Dec 15, 2014 BIOs April 2015 Transfer Feb, 2017
    Still NO work permit.

    I have been seeing that USCIS is not giving the work permits until there are U Visas available. That means longer wait time.

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