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Thread: Mother's visa rejected thrice

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    Mothers visa rejected thrice

    Hi, my F1 Visa is denied for the 3rd time. Only one question is being asked Which universities did you apply? - This is on July 17, 2019I have been rejected twice in 2016.* Not sure about the reason. Should I try again for the 4th time? I am also planning to marry my Girl friend who is on H1B. Would it be better to apply for a H4 visa after my marriage without trying for the 4th time?Also, if im denied for the 4th time, would it impact my H4 visa in anyway after 4 months from now?Thanks for your time

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaikhjamir View Post
    Yesterday my mother's visa got rejected third time .
    I am living in US from 2009, I am on H1B.
    My mother is a widow and was working as a staff nurse.
    She retired in May 2012.

    I have a brother in India, he is studying.
    But they never asked about him.
    We have all our relatives in India.
    I am the only one here.

    Following are the details of our applications:
    1. Nov 2011:
    Sponsor: I sponsored her visa.
    Rejection: They asked how will you go alone? She replied I am physically fit, I understand bit of English.

    2. April 2012:
    Sponsor: I sponsored her visa.
    Rejection: Our senior officer rejected last time so we cannot.

    3. Dec 2012:
    Sponsor: Self sponsor.
    Rejection: This time we applied it with my brother-in-law. They asked where is your daughter? Why is she not coming?
    My mother replied She has just started a new job so she won't get leave. I understand that it's not a very convincing answer but that's what my mother replied.

    So now how should I apply? Every time she is carrying all kind of docs but they never ask for it.
    So is it impossible now to get the visa?
    Most likely I will be traveling to India in Feb 2013. At that time I need to do my stamping.
    I am planning to apply for her visa at the same time so I can answer their queries.

    What should we do?
    Its sad to hear that from you but we are here to help you out with the issue. We are a Immigration Firm seek to help people getting visa. Call us at 1-800-590-1844 or visit now.

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    sorry, but COs do not ask one and only one question of any applicant....that is pure nonsense...the COs were not convinced that you are a serious student nor that you truly intended to return to T-land following your studies, and as we now see, they were right.

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    Hope you will soon get out from this trauma. I would endorse contacting a Senator or a Congress character and tell them this is not proper legal translation agency and spot if they could help. If no longer, simply wait a while try once more.

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