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Thread: AOS from B2 visa

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    AOS from B2 visa


    I am on my third visit to the US on B2 visa and my I94 is stamped with No EOS/COS and valid for one month until . I had visited US twice since 2016. At the port of entry they mentioned that I am staying in US more than my own country and hence one month stay allowed this time.

    After consultation with my doctor here, he suggested me not to travel until after 8 weeks of my delivery. I am due in Jan 2018. My husband is a green card holder and my green card application priority date is current. We had filed my I-130 in May 2016.

    1)Can I apply for I-485 (AOS)?
    2) What is the success rate? what are the risk factors involved?
    3) If denied, will I have to leave immediately?

    Considering my situation, what would you advise?

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