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Thread: What is the Attorney’s Role in a K-1 visa Petition?

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    What is the Attorney’s Role in a K-1 visa Petition?

    K-1 visa petitions are not especially complicated, however an attorney can save the petitioner time by taking responsibility in preparing the petition package. In cases where there have been previous marriages, or the members of the couple are related as first cousins, an attorney can help assess the sufficiency of the documentation to prove legal ability to marry, and assess whether state laws would preclude the K-1 petition.

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    Yes, it is right an attorney can help you very much in legal procedures. My friend went through the procedure of K-1 visa Petition, at starting she was very confused about all the procedure and documents, but then she hired a lawyer from Bechara Tarabay to handle all her legal work which saves her time and they make her understand all the procedure and documents in a better way.

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