I have a question regarding filling H4EAD.*

I am on H1B visa with approved I-140. In 3 weeks i will be filing a amendment for change of location. My spouse H4 is valid till 2019.

We are planning to apply for H4 EAD.* My employer doesn't*apply for H4EAD, when they*file for amendment, so i have to file for H4EAD by myself.*

*Can anyone please confirm on the below questions for me.

1) Can we*apply H4EAD before my amendment is filed. If we can file, will I have to file with my current location address or address of my new location for delivery of receipt.

2) Should we apply H4EAD only after filing for amendment. In this case should i wait till the amendment is approved or can i apply once i get the receipt for amendment.

Kindly clarify on this, so that i can plan accordingly.

Thanks in advance.