Hi experts,

As the title suggests, I am currently a law school student (just starting 3L). I have a B.S. in Finance, and I currently am on a part-time H-1B visa as a financial ****yst. I would like to instead have a paid law clerk position now at a law firm until I graduate and pass the bar exam, but I was under the impression that it would be impossible to have a law related job as a H-1B visa holder until AFTER I have earned my J.D. in May 2018. I recently came across this "Degree Equivalency using Work Experience" which I believe is for H-1B applicants who have not yet earned a college degree but have sufficient relevant work experience/specialized training for their area of work. I have had about two summers and two semesters worth of internship/externship experience in a variety of law firms (personal injury, immigration, mass torts litigation, corporate transnational).

My question is: assuming that I have an law employer willing to help me apply for a "H-1B transfer," would my current work experience qualify as a "degree equivalency" for my last year in law school? If not, how much exactly is required? I am aware of the three-for-one rule but am unsure about how exactly it is applied and whether or not it is always applied.

Thanks in advance,