In a memo leaked and published by ABC news, it seems that the Obama administration frustrated with the non passing of the comprehensive immigration reform might use its executive powers to change the laws including the H4 laws.

Note that the memo in no way is law yet. But this is exactly what we have been hoping and expecting. We now need to push the President to continue the move to a change. Call and email the White House and tell them to tell them we want a change.

The Obama administration will allow some relatives of U.S. service members living in the country illegally to stay, according to a policy directive issued Friday.

ABC News

The nine-page memorandum is the latest in a series of immigration policy changes made by President Barack Obama since he took office. The department has long had the power to stop deportations for relatives of military members and veterans, but Friday’s memo lays out how and when it can be used.

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Executive Order Memo