Save Jobs USA filed a lawsuit regarding H4 EAD rules against DHS. Please read lawsuit. Note this is only a declaratory judgment lawsuit, the lawsuit does not interrupt the process at this point but it might actually hinder the possibility of filing.
As such until further notice, we need to assume that the May, 26, 2015 H4 EAD rules still stand.
SJUSA complaint
Until further notice from the court, we should not assume that the law is not going forward. We are sure the government and many organizations are going to fight this lawsuit. We need all your attention, to make sure that we have all the good people on our side. Our law firm also does not agree that the lawsuit has merits because it is in the full executive power of the government to amend the H1B laws to allow a work permit to the H4 visa holders. In addition, this law was subject to public comments and passed with flying colors. We pray the court to understand the pain of the H4 visa holders and not to let the “anti-immigrants” feeling take over this great country.