Help the Refugees

An average shower of water is more than a refugee gets for a full day, please help. Thank you for helping us provide life-saving water in even the most remote areas. Ensuring health + dignity for those forced to flee.— UN Refugee Agency (@Refugees) September 29, 2016

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Update on UNNJ cases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, September 27, 2016 Two Recruiters Admit Scheme To Fraudulently Maintain Immigration Status, Obtain Work Authorizations For Foreign Clients Through “Pay To Stay” New Jersey College NEWARK, N.J. – Two employees from a Somerset County, New Jersey, company today admitted recruiting foreign nationals to enroll at a “pay to stay” New Jersey college where they could fraudulently maintain their clients’ student visa status and get them full-time work authorizations without the clients having to attend classes, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced. Harpreet Sachdeva, 26, of Somerset, New Jersey, and Sanjeev Sukhija, 35, of North Brunswick, New Jersey, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Madeline Cox Arleo in Newark federal court to separate informations charging them each [...]

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Donald Trump is against both legal and illegal immigration

Those who think that Donald Trump is pro-legal immigration are fooling themselves. He keeps talking about "illegals" and are classifying all of them as 'criminals'.  This is really not only dangerous but also goes against all the real principles of the foundation of the United States. The hate of Donald Trump's supporters are so blatant that we do not really have to actually dig deep to know who is supporting him. We sincerely hope that no immigrants legal or undocumented are supporting Donald Trump. Gathering on @MSNBC, chairs of @OfficialCBC (fmr) & @CAPAC talk #Election2016 #immigration: @RepJudyChu @repcleaver— Richard Lui MSNBC (@RichardLui) September 11, 2016

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Asylum based on the issues in the Philippines.

Both President Obama and the President of the United Nations are now openly claiming that the Philippines is violating human rights on extra judicial killings.  The president of the Philippines, Duterte, is unequivocally stating that he will continue on this path.  He even went at odds with both the US, and the United Nations including insulting the US President and threatening of leaving the United Nations. Although the might be purely internal issues, the actions of the government of Philippines might well constitute human rights abuses which ultimately might make some of the nationals of the Philippines eligible for an asylum. Are some of the Philippines Nationals eligible for an asylum? In order to qualify for an asylum someone needs [...]

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Is it time for practicing Muslims to leave France? | French Muslims opportunities in the USA and Canada

Following the French law and issues regarding the Burkini and Muslims "ban" in France many Muslims are thinking of leaving France for a better life. The truth is that French society is now known to be intolerant. While France portrays itself as a country of freedom, it can also be as oppressive as many other so-called oppressive regimes when it relates to Muslims, Jews and some other minorities. Having said that, the French people can be nicest in the world, they are usually jovial and nice to deal with. Nonetheless their government policies of colonialism and intolerance have put France at odds with many of the accepted standards of the 21st Century. As such many Muslims are looking into other possibilities [...]