August 2015 Visa Bulletin was published today!

Visa Bulletin August 2015 was published today. Only movement and change noticeable was that the Philipines EB3 category is no longer under unavailable. As for India EB2, no movement staying October 1 2008. If the trend continues there is a chance we might see a retrogression in September 2015. Sign the Petition to Reduce Waiting Time for EB2 and EB3 India and China

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VAWA for men

VAWA stands for Violence Against Women Act. This powerful Act has protected thousands of immigrants who are victims of domestic violence. As the Act suggests, many believe it is only applicable to women. However, it can also be used for men. Note that domestic violence can be mental, physical or a combination of all. We can help you file for your VAWA petition either you are a man, a woman and sometimes for children. In what apparently is a progressive society, we often find shades of grey. Areas that people don’t realize exist or even don’t want to talk about. Domestic violence against men is an area that is often unrecognized and in many sections of the society even laughed [...]

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