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  1. Adjustment of Status tips
  2. Failure to maintain status for adjustment of status under INA 245(k)
  3. My parents came to visit on visitor (b2 visa) and my sister is a US citizen.
  4. Job Change with pending AOS
  5. Some Immigration Interview Tips
  6. An Immigration Fraud Interview
  7. Conflicting info from attorneys
  8. Study abroad on green card
  9. I-130 was approved I have a Notice of Hearing in Removal Proceedings
  10. I-94 lost
  11. AOS from B2 visa
  12. What’s next
  13. Processing time for green card based on U Visa Approvals
  14. Any AOS via U-Visa
  15. U-Visa to GC I-485
  16. I -485 adjustment for u visa