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  1. Who can apply for the U Visa.
  2. Certification of U visa
  3. Can we stay outside USA with a Green Card for more than 6 months and less than a year
  4. The U visa and Arizona immigration law
  5. H4 and abused - can she file VAWA or U visa?
  6. Change of Employer after I-140 approve
  7. quick question
  8. tracking of U visa
  9. U-Visa Updates 2014-2015
  10. 10,000 u visas
  11. Uvisa cap 2015
  12. Important Important: is U VISA program OVER?
  13. Applying for u1 visa while on h1b
  14. Finally USCIS has approved 10000 cap For 2016
  15. Please read for your comments-click on link
  16. USCIS can stop reviwing new Petiions after April 2016.
  17. Do U Want USCIS work fast for U petitions ? Please Open and Sign following link.
  18. Petition to increase U Visa cap and expedite the processing.
  19. SAVE your Time - New Rule for EAD after March 2015
  20. Ways to find USCIS processing
  21. U visa 2016
  22. Any updates regarding u-visa 2014
  23. Sign the petition
  24. u visa pending
  25. Filled in August 2014
  26. u 2 visa about abroad
  27. I's Not Enough - Petition to increase U Visa cap and expedite the processing.
  28. u visa pretision review
  29. Comparison of Reviewing Petition
  30. question about process
  31. waiting
  32. Work Authorizaion on Defered Action
  33. I got Defered Action Letter, Applied March 2014, Biometric May 2014
  34. I got Defered Action Letter, Applied March 2014, Biometric May 2014
  35. Do u think we will get Green Card easily ?
  36. Summary of Current U Visa Backlog Processing
  37. Should You Submit an Inquiry to the Vermont Service Center?
  38. What Else Can You Do ?
  39. U visa qualification
  40. u visa
  41. u visa
  42. u visa
  43. U visa travel info needed
  44. Please share ur ideas, Why it seem Extremly Hard to get Green Card for u Applicant ?
  45. USCIS is inviting people to T a U visa a webinar 03-16-16
  46. USCIS Processing Time for u visa
  47. u visa applied april 15
  48. USCIS has issued DA to more then double the Cap .......now no more DA
  49. u visa Cap is 10000 but if USCIS don't issue more DA then What we can do ?
  50. U visa n long waiting..
  51. u visa
  52. No deportation
  53. I applied for a U Visa on July 15, 2014
  54. New DA only after Jan 2017
  55. please Apply for ITIN # & get Driver's licence
  56. U visa August 2014
  57. U Visa Processing Time for 2016
  58. Sign our online petition to Increase U visas
  59. Sign the petition initiated by Mr. Shah Peerally
  60. Keep Waiting for U visa........but find other options.
  61. EAD on any non immigrant visa
  62. Mr Shah Peerally - please can u help us
  63. u visa DA
  64. why our lawyer's are silent on delay ?
  65. LIke our FB page on U visa http://bit.ly/uvisafacebook
  66. To all filled in 2014
  67. what's the date of the last U visa case approved for fiscal year 2016?
  68. Driver's Licence or All
  69. DA office asked me for Victim Impact and Restitution request ? - Need Help
  70. Armed robbery
  71. Shah Sir
  72. Anybody can get DA action while pending U petiion.
  73. Workload Transfer from the VSCr to California and Nebraska Service Center
  74. Call USCIS
  75. Got da
  76. please check processing times VSC
  77. DA
  78. u visa
  79. Anyone is here????
  80. 300 Organizations Signed on the a letter to reduce the waiting on U visas
  81. DA for U-visa applicants. Any updates????
  82. U Visa Petitions Received, Approved, Denied & Pending - Published May 25, 2016
  83. Workload transfer to Nebraska Service center
  84. Presentation on VAWA and U visa by attorney Sharif Silmi
  85. u visa
  86. Why so quiet? No news is not good news😞
  87. case is in line for an interview
  88. U Visa applicants 2016
  89. waiting list
  90. US citizen petition for unmarried son. Divorsed son counts?
  91. Good News is not far away
  92. 3000 petitions transfer vsc to nsc
  93. Receipt number is not valid
  94. Finally 3000 petitions moved from vermont center to nebraska center
  95. u visa
  96. Update on my case- Mr. Shah please respond!
  97. It's been 26th months
  98. Any news??
  99. U visa abroad
  100. u visa abroad
  101. u visa
  102. Deffered action granted - need advice on travel
  103. Did Anyone receive U Visa for 2017 and Can I get U Visa in 2017 Fiscal Year
  104. need advice with I-918
  105. Finally date moved
  106. U visa adjustment of status
  107. I applied for u visa in Nov 2015
  108. Received DA and EAD
  109. U visa work permit
  110. U visa DA news 2016
  111. Question on form I-765
  112. Top Misconceptions on the U visa
  113. Anyone received U-visa approval later this year ? Need help!
  114. what was the nature of the crime?
  115. Reciept Number for U-Visa?
  116. Uvisa
  117. USCIS Policy Memo: Extension of Status for T and U Nonimmigrants (Corrected and Reiss
  118. How will this bizarre election's result affect our cases??
  119. U visa holder's spouse
  120. Trump Elected president will it affect my U visa
  121. adding spouse on u-visa need info plz
  122. U visa applicants without a DA yet can obtain a Driver's license in Florida
  123. Date didn't move..
  124. i-192 w/ U-Visa - approval (what does it mean)
  125. I got DA yesterday
  126. U visa waiting list
  127. Applied Aug 5 2014
  128. Good news guys.
  129. Uscis processing times
  130. My husband received a Request for Evidence today.
  131. Notice of transfer
  132. Da for august 2014
  133. Filed 2014
  134. Request response from applicants whose case was moved to NSC
  135. Read this
  136. USCIS updates Processing times
  137. Beginning to feel like a victim all over again!
  138. Deferred Action Granted :)
  139. U-Visa Applied in December 2014
  140. U visa statistics (Data Set) released
  141. Regarding work permit
  142. What to expect now with the new administration?
  143. We got an RFE
  144. Eligibilty
  145. U visa for 2017 facial year
  146. U visa advance parole
  147. Need a lawyer to apply U visa
  148. I need some advice
  149. your name updated form i192, what does this mean?
  150. Case Moved/Good News For Me
  151. i192 approved
  152. Sign the Petition to increase U visa cap
  153. Read this regarding U visas
  154. Did anybody travel out of state with U visa DA status?
  155. Question about DA-Student on F1 visa
  156. What's the current USCIS status?
  157. Any May 2014 applicants?
  158. Applying for H1B .. U Visa might be approved in December 2017 CONFUSED PLEASE HELP
  159. What's the green card validity given to UVISA holders.
  160. Some questions about O-1, EAD, and U visa
  161. U Visa Processing time to D - Action
  162. HOW MUCH TIME FOR GETTING DA Temporary Work Permit after applying i765
  163. U visa case was received
  164. Can DA get denied for U Visa?
  165. U Visa Status..Fiscal 2017
  166. Parole Program for U visa
  167. U Visa Abroad Forum
  168. How many months have you guys been waiting?
  169. Name was updated
  170. Any August 2014 Applicants?
  171. Please look Mr. Peerally
  172. DA Granted
  173. What can WE ( U VISA APLICANTS ) DO with ALIEN NUMBER ?
  174. U visa application help support letters
  175. did they requested evidence for the cases transferred to Nebraska???
  176. U visa DA
  177. Question for attorney Shah: Donald Trump's executive orders and U visa cases
  178. U Visa Applied Feb 10th
  179. Do you think the type of crime is important?
  180. After DA on U visa can I get married?
  181. attorney not answer
  182. Being Deported While waiting for U visa
  183. I-765, Application for Employment Authorization
  184. For those with DA
  185. It's there anybody from Dec,2014
  186. Uscis procing time
  187. Is there anybody from September 2014?
  188. U visa February 2015
  189. U Visa November 2014
  190. Could I get in trouble?
  191. U visa applied on 15 Jan 2017
  192. Is there anyone from October 2014
  193. Is it a jump for real or just an error?
  194. Deportations
  195. U Visa related question.
  196. USCIS timeline did not change
  197. My husband has two tickets for driving without a license
  198. Denied U Visa
  199. U visa applied Oct 2014
  200. U visa applocant CAN be deported
  201. Please help DA derivate question
  202. Uscis processing time.
  203. DA/uvisa
  204. Do you qualify to stay in the U.S.?
  205. Did anyone receive U Visa for 2017 , update your time here!
  206. u visa
  207. New Here Anyone who Applied for U visa in 2014?
  208. U-VISA : Has anyone renewed their DA EAD?
  209. U VISA Need your OPINION!!!
  210. How do you survive? What can I legally do or get?
  211. Anyone from September 2014??
  212. Please help
  213. Can I get a drivers license with DA
  214. U-VISA application.
  215. RFE...what's next?
  216. Is there anyone in the forum whose case is denied? And for what reasons?
  217. Eligibility for U Visa
  218. Is the lawyer useful? Does he have any influence on the app or does not matter at all
  219. Can we get a Individual Taxpayer INumber? Any way to get work? Tips, advice?
  220. Would filing U Visa interfere with I-130?
  221. How long have you been waiting for DA?
  222. Please read this...
  223. U visa
  224. Ead process time
  225. U Visa & School - Can we attend college while we await DA?
  226. U visa bio letter
  227. Any tips, advice? Lifestyle, financial, travel,etc?
  228. How much money to hire a lawyer work on my U-VISA case?
  229. Done with testifying as a witness/victim
  230. I765 (C14) Deffered Action change
  231. some of you didn't believe me!#
  232. U Visa Need Your Opinion!!!
  233. Late submission of Biometric - Application Status
  234. U visa
  235. DA Approved
  236. Uscis case status
  237. U Visa Deferred Action Approved. Passport Renewal
  238. Anyone received a differed action notice from 2014
  239. January's 2017
  240. August 25 2014
  241. U visa status
  242. 2015 Nov-Dec Applicants - Status
  243. Medical records sufficient
  244. Biometric for derivatives
  245. EAD Renewal
  246. U visa applicant's 2016
  247. August 25 2014
  248. U Visa Filing
  249. can't able to check my case status
  250. Please advise when can I check EAD?