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  1. Multiple H1bs
  2. Why H1B is important!
  3. Delay in Receipts from USCIS - anything to worry about?
  4. Getting denied on INA 221g
  5. Denial of an H1b visa petition reversed to an approval without appeal
  6. Can someone have both H1B visa and a B2 at the same time?
  7. What is The Time Frame for H-1B petition?
  8. Multiple Jobs using H-1 Visa
  9. Testimonials on H1B cases
  10. Labor Condition Application for H1B
  11. Necessary Conditions to Change the Job
  12. Possibility of Extended Time For H1B
  13. How much grace period on H1B and once laid off how much someone has to transfer?
  14. how many employee/revenue needed to file new h1
  15. Obama's position on H1B as per January 2012
  16. LAC Wins Release of H-1B Fraud Documents for AILA
  17. Visa denial ?
  18. Penaltys disguised as Liquidated Damages
  19. Discussion About B2 to H4 Visa
  20. Gap Between two I-797
  21. How long spouse have to wait to join H1B holder?
  22. H1B Transfer
  23. How soon to file the Labor Certification after moving to new employer (H1B six yrs)?
  24. H1b cap exempt from quota
  25. 5 year H1B moving to Canada, can I get new H1B to come back?
  26. Re-Stamping H1B Visa on 7th Year with approved i140 ?
  27. Transferring from H1B to F1
  28. Does existing visa gets cancelled immediately upon issue of new visa
  29. Preparing for the 2014 H1B season - what worries IT consulting firms?
  30. How early should we prepare for the New H1B season?
  31. Transferring an H1B visa without pay stub
  32. How long is the H1B processing time? Is USCIS not supposed to answer in 15 days?
  33. Change Of Address and H1B Stamping
  34. H1B Extension and Labour Certification Pending
  35. Any of you having their approved cases re-opened or getting multiple RFES?
  36. H1B 6 year's end date and visa date not matching
  37. H1B Visa stamping after 6 years with new employer
  38. H1B Transfer to a new company with RFE
  39. Options for F-1 OPT Undergrad in Business who couldn't file for H1B on time.
  40. Switching between two valid H1-Bs - what's the right way to join back ?
  41. H1B and travel
  42. F1 student on cap-gap with H1b pending. Options??
  43. non capped to capped h1b visa transfer (with a valid capped petition)
  44. Maternity leaves on H1b visa
  45. H-1B VISA - 6 Years Clock Reset
  46. Options after H1 Transfer denied
  47. Change of Address
  48. H1B Visa
  49. duration between RFE Response submission and Decision
  50. Help on i539 Withdrawal from H1b to H4
  51. Regarding H1B transfer
  52. Which I94 to return? Amended I797 vs passport.
  53. Date/Port of entry AR-11 mistake.
  54. conflict F1 visa or I-94 extension
  55. Change of Employer after I-140 approve
  56. "Successor-in-interest" sale and H1B
  57. Switch company when ammedment cum extension of H1b and H4 in progress and i94 got exp
  58. H4 to F1 - Visa Stamp
  59. H1b transfer without pay stubs
  60. Layoff while on H1B and COS to H4
  61. Regarding B1 Visa
  62. H1B Transfer in 8th Year
  63. H1-B Cap Exemption when transferring from one school district to another
  64. I94 Validity
  65. I-94 Renewal
  66. Joined on h1 transfer receipt. can i reswitch?
  67. H1 to h4 Convert while H1b ext in pending
  68. Does my employer need to file LCA and H1B Amendment ?
  69. Can I work full time with both employers ( A & B) at same time
  70. H-1B extension after 6 years with AOS pending through spouse
  71. Prudential Revocation affected main applicant and also Dependents.
  72. H1B extension is denied but have current I797 valid till 24 March wit a approved I140
  73. H1B cap exemption
  74. Laid Off On H1b With 2 Months Grace Period Ending
  75. H-1B Degree Equivalency using Work Experience (Law School)
  76. 5 Frequently Asked Questions by Startups Regarding H1B Visa Filing.
  77. Two H1B transfers in progress at the same time
  78. Is new H4 valid if h1B does not join new employer
  79. H1B Transfer Query - Urgent
  80. H1 to H4 EAD - Right tome to Apply
  81. Premium Processing suspended H1B
  82. H1 processing and cap-gap
  83. My current project date is 2 months from now event though it will extended later
  84. H1B to H4 COS is filed already but can we withdraw now and stay on H1B/do H1 transfer